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  1. 2011 Acura TSX Navigation update DVD location

    TSX General Car Topics
    I have searched 4 locations for the Navigation DVD player; trunk, under front seats, and I removed the side panels by the front shifter and can't find the DVD Navigation to update discs. Anyone else have this issue on locating their Navigation DVD system?
  2. Smelling gas

    2nd Gen - Engine, ...
    I recently purchased a 2011 TSX Wagon. I have occasionally smelled fuel in the cabin. I have been trying to pin point common times or temps but it seems to be random. Any ideas?
  3. 2011 Nissan Murano vs Acura TSX Sport Wagon

    2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    Apples to Oranges: 2011 Nissan Murano & the 2011 Acura TSX Wagon Crossovers are the hottest body styles to come along since pillarless hard-top convertibles. Station wagons, by contrast, are as dead as tailfins and wrap-around windshields. For more, see my epitath. So what are they doing in...
  4. 2011 Sports Modulo NSX

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda Bringing CR-Z TS-1X & Sports Modulo NSX to 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon With the dust still settling on the floors of the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, Japan’s major automakers are already preparing for the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon, which kicks off this Friday and runs the entire weekend in the Japanese...
  5. 2011 Acura TL Reviews

    Automotive Discussion
    The Car Connection Summary Rating: 7.8 out of 10 by Bengt Halvorson Deputy Editor Jan 6, 2011 The Basics While the 2011 Acura TL lays aim at some of the market's top sport sedans, it has very modest roots—essentially, building on the V-6 Honda Accord. That said, the TL is up to the task; it's a...
  6. 2011 Consumer Reports Brand Quality Survey

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda & Ford OverTake Toyota in Brand-Quality Survey Toyota has been toppled as the leading top-quality automaker, with consumers now looking more favorably on Honda and Ford, according to Consumer Reports' 2011 Car Brand Perception Survey. A series of massive recalls over the last 18 months...
  7. 2011 Acura MDX Reviews

    Automotive Discussion
    Road Test: The 2011 Acura MDX The 2011 Acura MDX exists in a very crowded market segment populated by some very talented players like the BMW X5, Audi Q7, Land Rover LR4, Mercedes GL, Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln MKT, Lexus GX and many more. There's also a contingent of fully loaded 7-passenger...
  8. 2011 Honda Accord & Pilot Recalled

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda Recalling 10,800 Accord & Pilot Models Over Potential Suspension Failure Honda has announced another round of recalls for the 2011 Accord. Both the coupe and sedan, along with the 2011 Pilot, have been discovered to be susceptible to a failure in the front suspension. According to the...
  9. Sport Wagon Now on

    2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon | Photos, Specs, Accessories |
  10. TSX Sport Wagon Reviews

    2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    The Car Connection Carmakers [in 1998]: “SUVs are the new minivans, because young parents hate the minivan’s Soccer Mom connotation. Also wagons are a non-starter for precisely the same reason.” Carmaker [Acura, in late 2010]: “The new-new: wagons.” If you’re scratching your head, you aren’t...
  11. 2011 Honda LineUp Info

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda: What's New for 2011 2011 Honda Accord: All Accord styles will be updated for 2011 with a new front grille, bumper, taillights and alloy wheels. EX trim levels and above plus the LX-S coupe will offer a USB audio interface. The Accord sedan will be updated with a new trunk lid and a...
  12. TSX Wagon Pricing

    2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    This info came from Black Label, a user/salesman on another board: I just got an official price tag for a 2011 TSX wagon (in the US). TSX Wagon $31,820 (including $860 destination charge) TSX Wagon with Tech Package $34,920 (including $860 destination charge). Essentially it's a $1,350 add on...
  13. End of the Honda Element

    Automotive Discussion
    2011 Will Be Final Model Year of Production for Honda Element The 2011 Honda Element will be the final model year of production of the innovative and functional crossover utility vehicle, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced today. 1st introduced in concept form as the Honda Model X at the...
  14. 2011 Info Released

    2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    2011 Acura TSX Sedan Further Improves, Performances & Efficiency Despite the TSX sedan being a top choice in its class, Acura has not rested on its laurels, as a host of major updates have been made for 2011. Topping the list, the TSX sedan receives a freshened exterior look along with a wide...
  15. TSX Wagon Commercials

    2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    YouTube - Transformation YouTube - Transformation - Behind the Scenes
  16. 2011 Acura RL

    Automotive Discussion
    Legend (RL) Refreshed in Japan - 6at Confirmed & In-Wheel Silencer is Something New Date: October 22, 2010 09:07 Submitted by: Jeff Source: Honda Japan Credibility Rating: Not Specified We told you back in the spring that the RL would be receiving another mild refresh for the 2012 model...
  17. 2011 Acura MDX vs Lexus GX460

    Automotive Discussion
    No Clear Winner b/n 2011 Acura MDX & Lexus GX460 Although it was Honda who pioneered the Japanese luxury brand market with its Acura line, Acura is underappreciated and often overlooked. As the story goes, Acura’s success heeded moves from Nissan with its Infiniti brand and Toyota with its...
  18. TSXwagon Pix on

    2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    Acura Media Newsroom - Images - 2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon
  19. 2011 Info from"Acura Style" Magazine

    2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    Got this from DJMD from *********: Acura fans familiar with the TSX will immediately notice the 2011 edition's new wheels, crisper front fascia (including a new grille and front-bumper design) and revised rear taillights. Two new exterior colors join the range as well: Gray Metallic and Silver...
  20. 2011 Nissan Quest

    Automotive Discussion
    Nissan Releases More 2011 Quest MiniVan Teasers Nissan dropped the first teaser image of the 2011 Quest minivan just before this year's New York Auto Show, and now we're seeing more shadowy angles of the new minivan, including the interior. Toyota's new "Swagger Wagon" is already off to a good...