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    Want to buy rear mugen lip for 2008 tsx. any color and condition. Going to wrap. PM me.
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    whats up guys, want to buy a spec front lip in color satin silver (NH623M) call or text 4237948054 with pics and price, thanks! -paul
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    I have for a sale a complete set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports in 235/40/18. They were purchased and mounted on my vehicle last summer, the tires have only been driven less than 2000 km. I have different plans for the suspension and now require a smaller size tire to avoid rubbing. The tires...
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    My 2006 is a great car. Paid off, <80K miles. Is an A-Spec suspension kit worth it, assuming I can find one? I already have a RASB. Just looking for a little better handling. It's a 5-sp ST, which is my only gripe. I've given up trying to find a manual.
  5. 2nd Gen - Aerodynamics
    Mayuga recommended I put this here, as I’m not selling, and it is not a standard GB. Ed_423 and a few others noted this on *********, I bought the last 2, but then they got batch in, now on eBay priced at $200. They are Grigio, they say ’09 thru ’12? I have ’10 and yet to install, but perfect...