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accord euro

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    Hey guys, I just got my license and i'm looking to buy a tsx. Thing is, i want to put the A-Spec lip kit on it (looks like this: ) Problem is: I want the 2007 model which has a...
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    For sale the OEM grille from the latest face-lift ( 06-08 ) Euro CL9 Type-S . The grille is dark-chrome - as the Type-S had all chrome stuffs in a darker version. Pics of the grille Price 250 USD shipped .
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    Hi everybody, I'm from Sydney, Australia and I bought my Honda Accord Euro as my first car (2003 model - 6MT) and I absolutely love it. I've searched the web for the brochure, including this forum that promotes this car and I've had no luck. Honda Australia used to have an archive of old...