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  1. Comptech/CT, AEM, Euro R grill, Fastline, HPS parts, look!

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    Put my car to stock, so have these parts for sale, along with a reflashed ecu (see my other FS thread). 1) OEM 04-05 Euro R grill. (MR) Couple blemishes: The trim on the bottom had a part where it looks like someone sanded through the paint (see pic) very small and hardly noticeable unless you...
  2. Whats the BEST intake for my 05 TSX?

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    I first looked into AEM, its what I have on my honda -gave a it a great sound, and an obvious difference in horsepower. But all they have for an 05 tsx is a short ram intake.... What are Your suggestions? ...Injen/fujita/AEM sri?
  3. AEM Cold Air Intake?

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    Hey so I just bought an automatic 06 TSX couple weeks ago. Haven't done anything to it yet performance-wise. I have a AEM Cold Air Intake, not sure whether or not I should put it in or not... Any suggestions?