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  1. Audi Calls NSX "VaporWare"

    Automotive Discussion
    Audi Calls Acura's New Hybrid NSX Sports Car "VaporWare" on Twitter Iron Man gave up his trademark R8 for an Acura NSX droptop in The Avengers, and it looks like Audi feels bitter about it. Why else would they diss the fictional character's ride on Twitter? Ignoring the fact that Tony Stark...
  2. Audi to Offer More Diesels

    Automotive Discussion
    Audi to Offer Diesel Variants of Every Volume Product by 2015 So you think that diesel vehicles aren’t that popular in the United States – well, think again. Audi said today that it will add diesel variant to every volume product in the United States within 5 years as it moves to meet stricter...
  3. America's Hardest 2 Get Cars

    Automotive Discussion
    America's Hardest-to-Get Cars Better be Quick: These Cars Leave the ShowRoom in a Hurry May was a good month for BMW. The German automaker reported 22,092 units sold last month, with total sales up 5% over the same time last year. It was BMW's best result so far this year, despite a...
  4. Road & Track: 4 Door FirePower Comparison Test

    Automotive Discussion
    R&T: 4 Door Fire Power So it’s come to this. In a world of $3 a gallon gas, ever-tightening emissions regulations and an ozone layer starting to look like that map of AT&T’s 3G coverage, the entry-level horsepower number for a top-line sports sedan now stands at a staggering 300. It’s...
  5. Best 2010 Entry Level Luxury Car Comparo

    2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    Audi A4 vs BMW 328i vs Acura TSX v6 vs Hyundai Genesis v6 Just because you don’t have $50,000 to spend on a new executive sports sedan doesn’t mean you are destined to be stuck with either one of those “low lease rate specials” or a car that handles corners about as well as maple syrup...
  6. 2010 Acura Winter Driving Event

    Automotive Discussion
    2010 Acura Winter Driving Event If you were wondering what the twitter updates and teasers in our forum were about, last week I was fortunate enough to be attending Acura's Winter Driving Experience at AET (Automotive Enviro Testing) in Baudette, MN. I will have a more detailed report on the...
  7. Audi Goes 4 Cylinder

    Automotive Discussion
    Recent articles point to Audi starting to offer 4 cylinders in their cars: Audi to Offer Next Generation A8 w/ 4 Cylinder Audi S4 & S5 go 4 Cylinder Granted, these are turboed but apparently Acura was ahead of the game w/ the TSX. However, most other brands going turbo i4 instead of v6...