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  1. Infiniti to Build Compact FWD Hatch (think RSX)

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    Infiniti to Launch Entry Level Front Drive Coupe With all the rumors that Acura will bring back the RSX, it seems Infiniti might beat them to the punch. According to a new report by AutoCar, Infiniti is planning a new front-drive coupe model. News of a new front-drive model from Nissan’s...
  2. AMG Boss: "HorsePower War is Over"

    Automotive Discussion
    AMG Boss says HorsePower War is Over 01/14/2009, 12:22 PM Mercedes-Benz’ AMG performance brand is best known for its wildly powerful vehicles, but the division’s era of 600+ horsepower creations looks to be coming to an end. Instead, the performance brand will look to use other approaches to...