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  1. 4WD vs AWD

    Automotive Discussion
    Get a Grip: 4WD vs AWD It used to be that you could tell what category a vehicle belonged in just by looking at it. A truck was a truck. A sport/utility was a sport/utility. There was no such thing as a crossover, so anything that didn't fall into those 1st 2 categories was a car. Along those...
  2. Road & Track: Top 10 Winter Cars

    Automotive Discussion
    Skid Masters: Top 10 Cars for Winter The prospect of winter driving can be daunting for car owners who don’t have the right set of wheels for the job. A high-performance rear-wheel-drive vehicle can be great fun, so long as the weather forecast calls for warm temperatures and sunny skies. But...
  3. Honda S2000 Replacement in the Works

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda Working on S2000 Replacement Model to get Hybrid System & AWD At the beginning of this year, Honda confirmed that the 2009 Honda S2000 would be the final model year for the award-winning coupe and roadster. The model was originally created to celebrate Honda’s 50th anniversary but was...