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  1. 18" PIAA Sportmesh wheels/metallic Blue, Brand NEW Bridgestone S03 225/40/18 tires

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    18" PIAA Sportmesh wheels/metallic Blue, Brand NEW Bridgestone S03 225/40/18 tires Set of 4 PIAA of Japan, Sportmesh wheels with Bridgestone Pole Position S03 225/40/zr18 tires. Wheel size is 18"x7", bolt pattern is 5x114.3, offset is 45, wheels were just professionally re-finished to blue...
  2. Blue LED interior lights 1g tsx

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    I had 2 sets of blue lights and a set of white lights and I like my white ones better so I'm selling my extra unused set of blue ones, I tried to upload pics but it said he file was too large, txt me 478-737-1937 and I can send you pics selling $20 shipped
  3. ((SOLD))T1R Lugs w/ Locks & Spares

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    Sold to 04_K24TSX. THX
  4. DIY: How to install LED interior lights

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    Hello TSX drivers, I installed blue LEDs for the interior of my 2005 Acura TSX manual with nav! Since I havent seen a DIY on this forum for interior lights, I decided to make one. This is an easy mod, it took me about an hour to do (I was very careful). There is no cutting, soldering, or...
  5. Blue Accent Light By Map Lights

    1st Gen - Electronics, ...
    I tried searching for this but couldn't find anything. Is that blue light that shines down on the console supposed to be on when you turn your lights on? Mines kind of flakey and only comes on sometimes. Any way to get to that light so I can check the connection? Thanks for the help!
  6. Long overdue appreciation thread - My custom mods etc

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    I promised most of these resources I would put up an appreciation thread for their good customer service (and promised one for their terrible service). Here is a list of many of my simple mods and credit due. If anyone is interested in something feel free to ask, otherwise, if you’re looking to...
  7. Blue LED Interior Thread

    1st Gen - Electronics, ...
    So I ordered a 5-LED package from Extreme Bright LEDs the other weekend. ( They came in about a week and 2 days...
  8. FS: RAYs Extended Lug Nuts - Blue and Black

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    This thread is to get the hell out of DJ2000's thread. Sorry again for the unintentional hijack. Any who, I have 2 sets of lugs for sale, they're both Rays, used and both extended. Set 1: Faded Blue (I bought these from another member like yesterday) Set 2: Black I've only got 1 box so...