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    Looking for a fairly cheap front Brake upgrade. My passenger side front caliper is seized up and I need to buy new calipers but figured id look at other options while I pull everything apart. New front OEM Calipers are pretty cheap so looking for comparable upgrades.
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    This is wedding car on Taiwan style in new year. few days pay a lot money for they!!!! look so sweet!!! 金型精密鋳造法で インベストメント鋳造(インベストメントちゅうぞう、英語: investment casting)とは、鋳造方法のひとつで、複雑な形状の製品を簡易に製造できる手法として用いられる。別名、ロストワックス鋳造 (Lost wax casting)。 SPOON MONOCOQUE CALIPER SET [製品番号]45020-MBR-G00...
  3. 1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Hi, I've been thinking about getting my calipers painted (no, I do not want to get a BBK - at least for the moment). I'll be installing some new drilled slotted rotors as well. I was thinking about red, but since TSX's rear calipers are damn small... I'm afraid that red will attract the wrong...
1-3 of 3 Results