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  1. OEM 2008 Acura TSX Stock front camber arms

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    Hey guys, I parted ways with my TSX, had the skunk2 arms when it was sold. I have my OEM 2008 front camber arm set available for sale. Asking $80, only have less than 40,000kms on them. Located in Toronto, ON.
  2. Castle nut, Upper control Arm

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
    So I've had skunk2 pro camber kit on my car for 2 years now and yesterday the cast nut holding the ball and joint on my passenger side upper arm assembly came off as I was driving! Was on the 210 E in Glendale when Metro services helped direct me off the freeway. Was wondering if this has...
  3. SKUNK 2 front camber kit ASAP

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    In need of a used skunk 2 camber kit asap!
  4. Acura TSX 04 with Fast Hayaku 19x9.5 +25 & 19x9.5 +35?????

    1st Gen - Wheels, ...
    Hi I would like to know if somebody has 19x9.5 +25 and 19x9.5 +35 on his TSX 04 & first gen? Does it fits and how? Thank you :)
  5. Camber kits...what are you using?

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    I really need to invest into a camber kit, rear, i was thinking Hard Race because I've always heard good reviews on it, and front...I have no clue, so what would you recommend for a front camber kit that isn't going to break my wallet?
  6. skunk 2 front camber kit $200

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    title says it all. pm me.
  7. Upper and lower?

    1st Gen - Wheels, ...
    I seen only one member in the forum run two rear camber kits on their ride.(an upper camber arm and lower camber arm). personally i dont mind a LITTLE camber but not too much / \. But im still trying to slam it. what im asking is will running two camber kits in the rear correct it back to...
  8. Problem with Raybestos/SPC Camber Kit

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
    I ordered a Raybestos 6111163 Rear Camber arm for the TSX, I got in the mail a Box that said Raybestos 6111163. but inside was an SPC Honda/Acura EZ ARM (looks like a SPC 67290). I was told it would still work. But it dosent fit, the Chamfer/taper on the base of the bolt of the ball joint is...
  9. Skunk2 Pro Series Vs. Hardrace Front Adjustable Upper Control Arm ??

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
    So i'm trying to decide between Skunk2 Pro Series Front Camber Kit or the Hardrace Front Adjustable Upper Control Arm, price wise they are about the same, Skunk2 cost less but with shipping and taxes comes to about the same as Hardrace Spoon and Mugen Adjustable upper A-arms are nice but just...
  10. TEIN Basics + Ingalls Rear Camber Kit - GTA!

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    FOR SALE 1 - 2004-2008 CL9 TEIN Basics Coilover Suspension 2 – Ingalls Rear Camber Kit (Driver + Passenger side) CONDITION Both items are in excellent condition. Bought the suspension 2-weeks-used from Marcus @ Heel Toe Auto & the Ingalls Rear Camber brand new. Items were installed...
  11. PRICE DROPPED!! TEIN Basics + Ingalls Rear Camber Kit - GTA!

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  12. 2006 - 2008 TSX Part Out

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    All items located in Vancouver (Knight Street Bridge) and prefer local Vancouver / Lower Mainland buyers. Pictures: Purchased New, Installed for 1 Winter season 3.5 months: $600 CAD obo - Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 Snow Tires -...
  13. Rear Camber arm

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    h1e1l1p HI guys! Ive read similar situation involving the Rear Camber in the TSX. I currently have a 05 TSX and recently had a courtesy oil change and Tire rotation from Goodyear. Everything went smooth and saucy until they found a problem when rotating the tires. On the Front left tires...
  14. INGALLS rear camber kit + toe brand new

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    Hey guys i have the ingalls rear kit for the tsx/accord nicely built kit i never installed in the accord i had, brand new both sides complete kit $150.00 Canadian located in Oakville Ontario
  15. Tein Coilovers | Rear Camber Kit | OEM Rubber Mats [GTA]

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    Want to buy the following items (GTA deals preferred): 1) Tein Coilovers - either Super Street or Basic 2) Rear Camber Kit 3) OEM Acura TSX Black Rubber Front and Rear Floor Mats Please PM me, or post here if you have any of these items. Thank you in advance. :)