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  1. TSX Classifieds Archives
    The following are the parts I have leftover from the 2004 tsx. Need them gone ASAP. For fastest response text me 7183148872. Loc: nyc Ingalls camber kit end bushing -$20 shipped Radio bracket $15 shipped DDM H3 bulbs $15 shipped ( never used) Oem clock (non navi & Adhesive came off...
  2. 1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    I recently purchased a 2004 TSX it was day time so i didnt realize that the center console lights were out and the clock did not have a backlight. After doing some research i found out this was a common problem with the PCB. But when i took out the whole console and PCB the transistor was not...
  3. 1st Gen - Electronics, ...
    Hey lads I have a 03 JDM CL7 with the sat nav built into the dash. Its in Jap so i can't find the button that would adjust the dash mounted clock and its driving me crazy!Has anyone any ideas for me on how to sort this problem?
1-4 of 4 Results