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  1. Acura Keeps Advance Theme

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    Despite Dealers' Confusion, Acura Keeps "Advance" Advertising Theme LOS ANGELES -- Despite confusion among some dealers about what it means, Honda executives have decided to stick with Acura's "Advance" theme and tag line for national advertising. In fact, "Advance," which debuted in 2007...
  2. TSX Wagon Commercials

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    YouTube - Transformation YouTube - Transformation - Behind the Scenes
  3. 2007 Nissan Altima "Yup" TV ad

    Automotive Discussion
    Does anyone know where i can find the 1:00min. TV Ad/commercial? The only one i could find is the 30 sec. one... YouTube - 2007 Nissan Altima "Yup" TV Commercial
  4. Latest Acura Commercials

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    I must say, their new advertising arm is doing a decent job: YouTube - Acura "5 Star Crash Safety Rating" 2009 TV Commercial YouTube - Accura "#1 In Resale Value" Commercial
  5. Anti-Foreign Car Commercial

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    Your Kid has a Thing for Asians - Blame Yourself (click for video) A video by Avalon Films wants you to believe Asian-fever’s a bad thing. Something to be ashamed of. What’s worse is that your kids are hooked too. And it’s your fault. What’s up with the video you ask? Well, Avalon Films is a...