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  1. Consumer Reports Finds Small Turbo Engines Don't Deliver

    Automotive Discussion
    Consumer Reports Finds Small Turbo Engines Don't Deliver on Fuel Economy Claims Small turbocharged engines are marketed as delivering the power of a large engine, with the fuel economy of a smaller 1. That's a tempting proposition, but our testing shows these small-displacement turbos are not...
  2. Consumer Reports: Civic Gets 47mpg Hwy

    Automotive Discussion
    The Over 40 MPG Club: OverAchievers that Beat EPA Fuel Economy Ratings We’ve recently showed that most fuel-efficient cars can beat their EPA highway fuel economy estimates in Consumer Reports measured fuel economy testing. But if you want to hit 40 mpg on the highway, our tests show that you...
  3. Consumer Reports: Is Honda Resting on its Laurels

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda Redesigns: Is the Automaker Resting on its Laurels? We recently announced that the redesigned 2012 Honda Civic scored too low in our tests to recommend. Each car we test must pass a threshold in road test score for it to be recommended. It’s no surprise that such a knock against a...
  4. Consumer Reports: Best Used Cars for Teens

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Consumer Reports Picks Best Used Cars for Teens Letting a 16-year-old loose on the world behind the wheel of a couple of tons of metal is a terrifying thought. Statistically, teens are more likely to die in a car accident than by any other means, and, most of the time, those accidents are...
  5. 2011 Consumer Reports Brand Quality Survey

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda & Ford OverTake Toyota in Brand-Quality Survey Toyota has been toppled as the leading top-quality automaker, with consumers now looking more favorably on Honda and Ford, according to Consumer Reports' 2011 Car Brand Perception Survey. A series of massive recalls over the last 18 months...
  6. 2011 Toyota Sienna: Consumer Reports Score Plunges

    Automotive Discussion
    Toyota Sienna Score in Consumer Reports Plunges No Longer Top Rated It's generally accepted that every new iteration of any vehicle is somehow better than its predecessor. And that's true of the 2011 Toyota Sienna minivan, which is festooned with more goodies (like a 16.4-inch widescreen...