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  1. 500,000 Mile Dealer Maintenance Series TSX

    1st Gen - Car Care, ...
    Hi guys/gals, Since I've been asked a ton about the maintenance involved in getting my TSX to 500k miles, I finally took the time to put a video series together & thought I would share it with the group. Hope you guys find it helpful.
  2. ePrice? usually remain true?

    Dealership Experience
    Does anyone have experience with obtaining an ePrice from the fleet manager? I got a great price breakdown yesterday including tax OTD. I'm worried I'll show up tomorrow and they wont honor it. My email says the price is good for 3 days. My general impression of this Acura dealership is...
  3. Should I buy this 2007 TSX?? Thoughts please :)

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Hey everybody, I just found a garage kept, 2007 Black TSX Manual transmission with 47,000 miles owned by one of my professors. I have 2 questions. 1) What do you think this car is worth, KBB says around 12,000 in excellent condition? 2) Currently I own an RSX and would be selling it for a...
  4. Honda Leads Edmunds Most Affordable Cars to Own

    Automotive Discussion
    The Utah Honda Dealers Association Announces Honda Tops the List for Most Affordable Cars to Own, parent of Auto Observer released their list of most affordable cars to own, with Honda topping the list in six of twenty-one categories, giving Honda the most wins of any manufacturer...
  5. Diesels PayBack Faster than Hybrids

    Automotive Discussion
    Diesels Paying Back Quicker than Hybrids July 29, 2009 With gasoline and diesel fuel prices staying low -- and uncharacteristically consistent -- as the summer progresses, data analysts at, parent of AutoObserver, did a recent crunch of the often-discussed payback times for the...