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  1. Honda: Design News

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    Honda Says Its Cars are a "Bit Boring" 3 concept cars reveal a 'dramatic change' to the Japanese brand's design direction. Honda's trio of concept cars unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show mark the end to a "boring" phase in the company's history, according to 1 of its chief design executives...
  2. Michelle Christensen: Damsels of Design

    Automotive Discussion
    Automotive "Damsels of Design" Moving to the Driver's Seat Juliane Blasi examines a clay model of the BMW Z4 she designed. Photo: BMW. Harley Earl was the 1st automotive designer to hire women. But it wasn’t necessarily equality Earl sought back in 1950. If that were the case, General Motors...
  3. Honda FC Sport Design Study

    Automotive Discussion Totally unexpected (we were almost planning on not attending the Honda press conference), Honda today revealed the Honda FC Sport design study model at the 2008 LA Auto Show. The FC Sport is a...