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  1. Fog light (passenger side/right side)

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    I have a 04 Tsx looking to see if anyone has a passenger side fog light. During the summer the lens crack and I don't want to purchase a new set until next summer. The new set will prob crack in the winter. PM or text 7183148872 if anyone has. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hyundai Dealership Will Not Honor Auction

    Automotive Discussion
    Hyundai Dealer Auctions Genesis Coupe for $16k but Doesn't Want to Honor Deal File this one under the dangers of mixing traditional Brick & Mortar business practices with the immediacy and transparency of the internet. Glenn Hyundai of Lexington, Kentucky placed a slightly used Hyundai Genesis...
  3. Sorry for another eBay fog question

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    Well I've been asked what I want for a birthday present, and I want fog lights. PasswordJDM doesn't make them anymore. So there's that, and I don't want to buy them from Acura because thats toooo much. So I have a few versions from eBay that I would love some insight one. I know it's been...