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  1. Canada East
    Hi guys, This is an FYI for those who are interested in installing a high-flow CAT such as FLP or RT. A follow-up thread to: Now, unless you have easy access to reinstalling your OEM cat (thanks Sun!), this is what your...
  2. 1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    Hi, I just installed my hps short ram intake, and with the crappy instructions. After I installed, I forgot to plug the air sensor thing in so I got the check emissions and check vsa. After reinstalling the air sensor, the check vsa went away but not the check emissions. Should I do the wait 3...
  3. 1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    I've had the "Check Emissions System" alert for about 300 miles. I did the OBDII scan today at autozone and got the following codes: P2185-engine coolant temp sensor 2 P2183 engine coolant temp sensor 2 CKT range/perf P0111 IAT sensor 1 CKT range/perf The dealer has a $110 diagnostic fee which...
1-3 of 6 Results