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  1. Emissions test results w/high flow CAT

    Canada East
    Hi guys, This is an FYI for those who are interested in installing a high-flow CAT such as FLP or RT. A follow-up thread to: Now, unless you have easy access to reinstalling your OEM cat (thanks Sun!), this is what your...
  2. Honda's Crystal Ball

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda's Crystal Ball: The Future of the Automobile Honda hosted a Web conference Wednesday to discuss its view on the future of the automobile, encouraging consumers to "resist the temptation to pick winners and losers or to disparage competing ideas," said Robert Bienenfeld, senior manager of...
  3. Another check emissions problem :(

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    Hi, I just installed my hps short ram intake, and with the crappy instructions. After I installed, I forgot to plug the air sensor thing in so I got the check emissions and check vsa. After reinstalling the air sensor, the check vsa went away but not the check emissions. Should I do the wait 3...
  4. Need Help re:Check Emissions System

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    I've had the "Check Emissions System" alert for about 300 miles. I did the OBDII scan today at autozone and got the following codes: P2185-engine coolant temp sensor 2 P2183 engine coolant temp sensor 2 CKT range/perf P0111 IAT sensor 1 CKT range/perf The dealer has a $110 diagnostic fee which...
  5. Obama's New Mileage/Emission Standards

    Automotive Discussion
    Obama to Announce Auto Mileage, Emission Standards By KEN THOMAS and PHILIP ELLIOTT WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's new fuel and emission standards for cars and trucks will save billions of barrels of oil but are expected to cost consumers an extra $1,300 per vehicle by the time the plan...
  6. Audi Goes 4 Cylinder

    Automotive Discussion
    Recent articles point to Audi starting to offer 4 cylinders in their cars: Audi to Offer Next Generation A8 w/ 4 Cylinder Audi S4 & S5 go 4 Cylinder Granted, these are turboed but apparently Acura was ahead of the game w/ the TSX. However, most other brands going turbo i4 instead of v6...