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  1. Honda to Sell an Electric Car

    Automotive Discussion
    The Associated Press: Report: Honda to sell electric cars in US By TOMOKO A. HOSAKA (AP) – 1 day ago TOKYO — Honda Motor Co. plans to introduce electric vehicles in the U.S. early next decade, joining a growing number of automakers vying for the lead in clean technology development, local...
  2. Obama Eliminates Fuel Cell Funding

    Automotive Discussion
    Obama Eliminates Budget to Develop hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars - egmCarTech President Barack Obama eliminated former President George W. Bush’s $1.2 billion plan to develop cars powered by hydrogen fuel-cells. The move wills save you, the taxpayers, a whopping $100 million annually. “The...
  3. FCX Clarity Wins Green Car of the Year

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda FCX Clarity Wins World Green Car of the Year The title is a relatively new one, but is still prestigious and sought-after by most major carmakers The World Green Car of the Year is a sub-award of the annual World Car of the Year (WCOTY) handed out by a dedicated organization and...