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  1. Project - Retrofit HID Foglight projector

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    Hi guys, I want to show you the pics of my foglight retrofit project : Here is the dropbox photo album Here is the projector i bought : Sto New 2 5" HID Bi Xenon Double Headlight Projector Lens for D2S Bulb Angel Eye | eBay Almost the same as this one for half the price ;) Bi-xenon...
  2. Exhaust Skunk2 / Evo2 / Borla & Progress RSB & Fog Light

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    I have an 08 (1st gen) TSX and I'm looking for (used/new): 1) Exhaust.. Either one of: a) Skunk2 b) Evo2 c) Borla - preferably this 2) Progress Rear Sway Bar 3) OEM Fog Lights (R or L, I need them all!) Thanks all!