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  1. Headlight Wiring

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    My 2004 TSX car has a wiring problem I think. The fog lights wont come one. And when I turn my headlights on the dont come on until the third "twist" ex. Off, headlights, high beams. So I have to have my headlight on high beams so that the headlights are on. How can I fix this and also get my...
  2. Tsx Heaven !!

    1st Gen - Image Gallery
    Crusie && Photoshoot with " sTeFFy F. BaBii ", Nick && John sTeFFy F. BaBii with the Photo Stance
  3. 6000k foglight and headlights

    1st Gen - Electronics, ...
    The install was less painful than I thought it would be. Getting through the firewall was probably the most difficult part of it. Thought I would share my work with all you other junkies out there.[email protected]02/444[email protected]/4441596095/
  4. Hid fogs**

    1st Gen - Electronics, ...
    I'm thinking of putting HID fogs 10,000k h11 (or should i get h9's?) on, but at night i leave my normal hids/fogs on and then when you lock it they shut off after a bit. but if i install the new hids in the fogs will i be fine leaving it on still when i lock it and leave for them to shut off by...