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  1. Forbes: Cars that Can Go Over 200k Miles

    Automotive Discussion
    Cars That Can Run for Over 200,000 Miles Acura RL While the full-size RL sedan is neither the fastest nor the flashiest luxury car on the market, it’s roomy, quiet and comfortable and its V6 engine, 6-speed automatic transmission and advanced all-wheel-drive system perform stalwartly. For...
  2. Forbes: The Best Cars for the Buck

    Automotive Discussion
    The Best Cars (and Trucks) for the Buck Consumers always seem to be overly focused on getting a great price for their purchases. But if you get a great deal on a pair of designer shoes, and you don’t wear them because they hurt your feet, were they really a good deal? The same thing applies...
  3. America's Hardest 2 Get Cars

    Automotive Discussion
    America's Hardest-to-Get Cars Better be Quick: These Cars Leave the ShowRoom in a Hurry May was a good month for BMW. The German automaker reported 22,092 units sold last month, with total sales up 5% over the same time last year. It was BMW's best result so far this year, despite a...
  4. Forbes: Worst Made Cars on the Road

    Automotive Discussion
    Forbes: Worst Made Cars on the Road If you want to drive something dependable and long-lasting, steer clear of these vehicles. With a 22% improvement in sales last month, and despite the six-month, $4.3 billion loss it announced Wednesday, General Motors is likely to have its strongest spring...
  5. Forbes 15 Safest Cars

    2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    Forbes 15 Safest 2009 Cars Mercedes M Class Audi Q7 Acura MDX Volvo XC90 Acura RDX Subaru Tribeca Honda Pilot Ford Taurus X Volkswagen Tiguan Saturn Vue Mitsubishi Outlander Subaru Forester Acura RL Acura TSX Honda Odyssey 2009 Acura TSX EPA Combined Fuel Economy: 25 mpg Base MSRP...