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  1. TSX Badge on Front Grille/Hood

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    A while ago I took the ACURA and TSX badge off the trunk, and I could't just throw them away so I held on to them trying to find something cool to do. I guess I was sort of inspired by the Euro R badge but I decided to stick it on the grille, I guess its actually the hood. I used some double...
  2. Front Creaking noise from full stop

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    Hi, got a quick question i hope you can answer. My tsx 04 have some metal noise coming from the front. i notice it more when im from a full stop and start moving. there is a metal squeek in the front. then when i stop there is the same noise. and when i turn sometimes only sometimes tho. Thanks...
  3. Sound coming from front side of the car

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    Hello all! I have been a lurker for a very long time, I don't even remembering ever posting here, but whenever I would have any sort of troubles on my Acura TSX 2006 I would research here and always able to fix it after someone finding the fix for the issue. The reason why I post here today is...
  4. skunk 2 front camber kit $200

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    title says it all. pm me.
  5. Nose Mask fits 06-08

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    I have a used nose mask from my 2007 TSX... Its in good shape no holes or rips. It has been used for 3 winters and is alittle stained around the edges from the wheel grime/winter slop. But other then that its good shape with all the parts but not the 2 wheel snaps. I will ship anywhere in...
  6. 07 Stock Suspension (front&rear)

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    Selling a 2007 stock suspension, took it off my car with roughly 40k miles on it. looks like they are still in pretty good shape, i took them off so i can install my coilovers. located in the new jersey area, e-mail me for fast response, or email me your phone number and will send you pictures...
  7. 06-08 OEM Front Bumper

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    I have a front bumper for sale. It is going to be needed to be repainted. The paint is cracking and peeling in places. Also scraped on the bottom, if you are putting on a lip, this is perfect. Comes with what is shown. Located in so cal. Prefer local pick up Price 120 + shipping if want...
  8. 80% of BMW 1 Series Owners Think that it's FWD

    Automotive Discussion
    80% of BMW 1 Series Owners Think They are Driving a FWD Car It’s a bit mind-boggling to us how someone can buy a car and not know whether or not its front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive. Well, according to BMW, 80 percent of BMW 1-Series owners believe that they are driving a...
  9. Infiniti Considering FWD Again

    Automotive Discussion
    Infiniti Considering FWD Models Front-wheel drive cars, no matter how well-engineered, are always a compromise when it comes to being fast. They do enjoy some advantages in terms of packaging and efficiency, but sending power through the wheels doing the steering has obvious shortcomings...
  10. Front License Plate Holder

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    Just as the title states.... I am looking the black plastic mounting piece for my front license plate on my 06 TSX. Thanks
  11. 2005 Silver TSX F/R bumper

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    Sup guys. My gf needs a new front and rear bumper in silver. We got rear ended and hit the car in front and want to get them replaced. If you have the rear bumper, we need the reflectors on it as well. We are located in Orlando, FL. Willing to meet locally, but if you have what we need...