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fuel efficiency

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    First of all I would like to say that I live here in Canada where our last winter is below -25 almost everyday, I got some question about my newly acquired TSX 04(im the second owner) from a dealer, the dealer said that it is good in gas because it has 4 cylinder and IVtec... BUT I observed...
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    Greetings all TSX owners/fans. New to the world of TSXs. Recently got my Carbon Grey Pearl '06 TSX 2 months ago. Very happy with it except one issue with the city MPG. Anyone else out there with a persistently low city MPG of 15-17? I know the 1G TSX is rated 22/30/25 mixed, so I'm particularly...
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    For all the people that are thinking and resarching if the tsx is actualy fuel efficent, I proved it to my self that it is, with a careful driving I was able to get 25.7 MPG. when i get home ill post a pic of it so you guys know im not lying. :)