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greddy evo2

  1. Greddy Evo2 for 04 TSX??

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    I'm looking into exhausts, I'm currently all stock under the hood but I'm gonna grab I/H/E. I'm interested in the Greddy Evo 2 but I also wanna go low, hows the fitment? Also what seems to be best header?
  2. Greddy Evo2 Full Exhaust , Tein Basics Full Coilover

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    FS Item(s) Description: 1.) Greedy Evo 2 Exhaust - $700 - mint condition - already off the car ready for pick up YouTube - 07 Acura TSX w/ Fujita CAI and GReddy EVO2 Exhaust 2.) Tein Basics Full Coilover - $650 - driven in 1 winter - everything is still in good condition - comfortable ride...