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  1. Honda Remains the Greenest

    Automotive Discussion
    UCS: Honda Remains Greenest AutoMaker Chrysler Named Most Polluting In 2009, Business Car claimed that Toyota was still the world's greenest automaker. That same year, the folks at Dow Jones named BMW the greenest automaker for the 5th time in a row. Apparently, an organization's methodology...
  2. Honda Posts Profit

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda Rebounds from Loss to Post Quarterly Profit TOKYO – Honda posted a 72 billion yen ($774 million) profit for the January-March quarter in a reversal from red ink a year earlier as booming demand in China and India combined with a fledgling U.S. recovery to boost car sales. Honda Motor...
  3. FCX Clarity Wins Green Car of the Year

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda FCX Clarity Wins World Green Car of the Year The title is a relatively new one, but is still prestigious and sought-after by most major carmakers The World Green Car of the Year is a sub-award of the annual World Car of the Year (WCOTY) handed out by a dedicated organization and...