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  1. H11 Bulbs DRL & 3000k HID Fog

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    Updated: Forgot the verification slips...Updated photo, moderator please ingore my first post request. I have two sets of light bulbs with no need and laying around. Let me know if anyone is interested. 1. H11 35w 3000k DDM Tuning Hid Kit with Ballasts & Bulbs (Used as Fogs) - $30 2. H11...
  2. Question about DRL light (H11 or 9005)

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    Hi. Guys. I'm having a huge headache because of my DRL light. Ok. I recently got 2010 TSX and I thought if I can change the DRL light to LED, it may look much cooler than OEM light. So, I did. Yup, it looked cool, but I now don't have highbeam. So, I wanna go back to halogen. However, my...
  3. sold

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  4. FS: Used HID H11 5k Bulbs

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    I thought I burnt a bulb last week but it turned out to the a dead ballast. Got everything replaced so I have an extra set of HID h11 5k bulbs that will only work with an HID setup. Got them off of eBay and they work perfectly fine. I've posted some pics of the bulbs for sale on my car. I...