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  1. Greddy Evo2 for 04 TSX??

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    I'm looking into exhausts, I'm currently all stock under the hood but I'm gonna grab I/H/E. I'm interested in the Greddy Evo 2 but I also wanna go low, hows the fitment? Also what seems to be best header?
  2. CT Engineering Header

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    WTB CT Engineering Header for my 07 TSX auto. I am in CA, so local seller would be preferred. Thanks!
  3. Comptech Header

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    2004 Acura TSX Header from Comptech Manual Transmission Ask: Sold!
  4. Comptech or DC Header

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    Hello, Looking to see if anyone wants to sell a used Comptech or DC Header. I'm having issues passing smog and I'd rather throw on a CARB legal header than go back to stock. Only interested in CARB legal headers. Shoot me an offer. Thanks!
  5. CT-E Supercharger, Header, CF Intake, FlashPro, OEM kit, FLP Spoiler, Tein CST, etc

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    Hey guys, i've taken delivery of my '10 TL SH-AWD Tech so all of the goodies need to go! (the low-stress bolt-hole in the middle of the above pic is the one that needs retapping) These scratches were caused by the battery tie-down and are NOT visible...
  6. 06 Acura TSX OEM & Aftermarket – Knob, Exhaust, Header, RSB, Springs, Shocks

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    06 Acura TSX OEM & Aftermarket – Knob, Exhaust, Header, RSB, Springs, Shocks I have several parts living for free in my storage that need to move out. They are from my 2006 Acura TSX MT. They have been replaced by aftermarket parts, none were replaced due to problems. Use these to put your car...
  7. Topspeed Header Hissing

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    So I've got a Topspeed Header and a Fujita F5 intake on my car. The previous owner put the Topspeed header on, so it wasn't my choice haha. It "hisses" under acceleration, and I've read this header has this problem. What causes this sound? The flex pipe? Is the flex pipe the same as a test...
  8. Price Reduced: Dark Chrome Maven Knob & Comptech Rear Sway Bar

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    CLOSED Price Reduced! Hey guys, just trying to sell a few things: Ship Anywhere - Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees. OEM stuff has ~48k miles. Maven Dark Chrome Shift Knob (Off my 06 MT) ~ USED: Reduced: $40 Heavy weight for smooth, easy shifts (about 1lbs!)- great when paired with Short...
  9. Private Label MFG Header

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    Has anyone used this Header? Private Label Mfg - PLM Headers & Manifolds i am soon purchasing an injen intake as well as hondata reflash. i have been researching many different headers but haven't found much information on this one so any info/input would be greatly appreciated. thank you all...
  10. HEADER needed

    Hawaii Islands
    anybody is selling or knows of anyone selling a HEADER local for an 08 TSX?
  11. Header

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    looking to buy after market HEADER for my 08 tsx
  12. looking for options

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    i want to put a good exhaust system and header to my tsx 08.. what are the best options on the market right now? also i want to tune the car up, what are options i have? im VERY EXTREMELY new to stick cars and its my 1st stick vehicle.. lots of ppl tell me "oh you need a short shifter" or "oh...
  13. new to the forums, and to the type of vehicle

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    Hey people, i just recently came back from a deployment to Iraq and purchased my new Acura TSX 2008. I have already added an Intake and RIMS... im looking at the APEXi WS 2 exhaust for it, also i am currently looking for a header.. i been looking online and i can't seem to find a good one...
  14. SSR (Sigma Six Racing) 4-2-1 headers BNIB

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    decided to keep.
  15. 04-08 TSX Comptech Header, RT Cat, Volk Rays Lug Nuts

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    Got a couple items for sale off my 04 TSX. Local pick-up (Sacramento) is prefered but I am willing to ship at buyers expense. I'm not really sure how much these parts costs used so feel free to let me know if you think my prices are unreasonable or if you have any questions. PM will be the...
  16. injen/vibrant/ingalls

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  17. HyTech Full Exhaust

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    For sale: A FULL HyTech exhaust. (header, cat, exhaust) Ordered in November of last year. I waited 5 months for it and got it installed just before summer in April. This exhaust makes proven power. I didn't dyno, but there are a few dyno graphs floating around here of the gains. No wait for an...
  18. 6 months waiting of........ (I don't think 56k exists anymore :D)

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    Teaser!!!! :bowdown::bowdown: Backup Gallery: ImageShack® - Gallery