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  1. 5 Hybrid SuperCars of the Future

    Automotive Discussion
    5 Hybrid SuperCars of the Future Gas-powered speedsters may dominate the track today, but the dawn of the hybrid supercar is fast approaching. The next generation of supercars will be hybrids. There, it's out there in the open for everyone to see. Equipping a supercar with electric engines and...
  2. Honda's CEO, Takanobu Ito, Interview on the Future of Honda

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda Stresses Prodcut Tech Blitz to Get Back on Track Honda Motor Co. survived the global financial crisis better than most, avoiding the full-year losses seen on many balance sheets. But Honda's rebound has not been as sharp as most of the rest of the industry. American Honda's sales rose...
  3. Honda's Crystal Ball

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda's Crystal Ball: The Future of the Automobile Honda hosted a Web conference Wednesday to discuss its view on the future of the automobile, encouraging consumers to "resist the temptation to pick winners and losers or to disparage competing ideas," said Robert Bienenfeld, senior manager of...
  4. Honda Zeroes in on Fuel Efficiency

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda Zeroes in on Fuel Efficiency as Rivals Gain TOKYO (Bloomberg) -- Takanobu Ito became a star at Honda Motor Co. with his work on the NSX sports car, the company's most powerful model. Now, as chief executive officer, he's focusing on fuel efficiency as Ford Motor Co. and Hyundai Motor Co...
  5. Will Honda Fit Hybrid Start a Price War

    Automotive Discussion
    Will Honda Fit Hybrid Start a Price War? Reuters speculates this morning that a hybrid price war is about to break out between Honda and Toyota. The initial skirmish, the bureau says, will come in Japan. But if a discount battle were to start, it's hard to imagine it being contained in the...
  6. Honda Vows to Defend Green Halo

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda Vows to Defend Green Halo as Rivals Make Mileage Gains By Alan Ohnsman Jan. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Honda Motor Co., the automaker that has claimed the best U.S. mileage rating for decades, is accelerating engine improvements as competitors such as Hyundai Motor Co. pose a fuel-efficiency...
  7. Diesels PayBack Faster than Hybrids

    Automotive Discussion
    Diesels Paying Back Quicker than Hybrids July 29, 2009 With gasoline and diesel fuel prices staying low -- and uncharacteristically consistent -- as the summer progresses, data analysts at, parent of AutoObserver, did a recent crunch of the often-discussed payback times for the...
  8. All Infinitis will be Hybrids in 10 Years

    Automotive Discussion
    All Infinitis will be Hybrids w/in 10 Years 03/04/2009, 9:30 PM It’s easy to be mesmerized by the Infiniti Essence Concept’s striking good looks and completely overlook car’s the underlying technology. But the hybrid drivetrain is an important indicator of where Nissan’s luxury division is...