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  1. 1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    Help!! I just changed my air filter in my 05 TSX, no problems up until now! I tried to drive my car after we changed the filter and both the check engine and VSA lights are on, my car is sputtering and won't accelerate past 20mph! The transmission is also difficult to move! My POOR BABY!!! I...
  2. 1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    I've had the "Check Emissions System" alert for about 300 miles. I did the OBDII scan today at autozone and got the following codes: P2185-engine coolant temp sensor 2 P2183 engine coolant temp sensor 2 CKT range/perf P0111 IAT sensor 1 CKT range/perf The dealer has a $110 diagnostic fee which...
1-2 of 2 Results