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  1. Need help to fix low beam headlight

    Automotive Discussion
    I just replaced the low beam headlight, ballast and igniter on my 2005 Acura and the light still does not come on. I purchased the parts from Ebay. Any advice??? Please
  2. Ballast? Igniter? Electrical?

    1st Gen - Electronics, ...
    Hi guys - my passenger headlight on my '05 kept blowing through fuses so I got my ballast (and bulbs) replaced. I also had fog lights installed, I'm not sure if it's connected to my problem or not. NOW the passenger light turns on but then goes out after 30 seconds to a minute. I do not notice...
  3. 05 TSX Igniter replacement???

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    I am trying to replace both igniters and both bulbs on a 2005 Acura Tsx. I am wondering how difficult this is to do myself. Can the igniters be changed withough taking out the whole headlight assembly??? Also, there is condensation on the P/S headlight assembly because i had left the cap off. I...