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  1. Honda & Toyota Increase Incentives

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda, Toyota Boost Incentives to Ignite Sales The 2 biggest Japanese automakers are offering buyers an unusually high level of incentives to try to pack showrooms and regain sales market share. Honda is offering the biggest sales incentives in its history, say online car buying research...
  2. Year End Incentives on 2010 TSXs

    2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    I been curious about 2010 pricing & for those looking, the i4 TSX has no real incentives but the base v6 has a $1,500 incentive & the v6 Tech has a $2,000 incentive. People in my area are getting the v6s for less than invoice now. All models have 1.9% financing up to 36 months & 2.9% after...