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  1. Honda/Acura Hybrid News

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    Real-World Gas Mileage Varies By Brand; Honda Does Well, Ford Not So Much Just how close do cars get to their official EPA gas mileage figures? We expect it's a question many of our readers are familiar with--either in keeping an eye on their own car's gas mileage, or from friends asking...
  2. FuelEconomy.Gov List of Most Fuel-Efficient Cars

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    FuelEconomy.Gov Releases Bogus List of "Most Fuel Efficient Cars in America: 1984-2010" Illustration: 2001 Geo Metro, trim level not specified, but due to the presence of full wheel covers, it's unlikely to be a a Geo Metro XFI. Chevrolet Public Relations photo; author archives...
  3. Honda CEO Challenges for Better Hybrid

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    Honda CEO Challenges R&D Team to Build a Better Hybrid than Prius Honda Motor Co’s CEO Takanobu Ito has challenged his R&D team to produce a hybrid that exceeds the fuel-economy of the Toyota Prius. Ito said that the new hybrid won’t necessarily be a next-generation version of the Honda...
  4. Honda Shifts from Diesels to Hybrids

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    Honda CEO puts price floor on Insight, has no plans for large diesels Earlier this year, Honda won a lot of attention with its 'cheapest hybrid in America' pricing on the new 2010 Insight. But now Takeo Fukui, the company's CEO, says he won't be engaging Toyota in a price war for the title...
  5. Insight vs Prius: Price Wars

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    Honda Shows Cost-Cutting Hybrid Insight Plant Honda shows cost-cutting hybrid Insight plant, says more cuts due to battle Toyota's Prius SUZUKA, Japan (AP) -- Honda's cost-cutting efforts were on display Wednesday at its plant for the new Insight, where 600 of the hot-selling hybrid models...
  6. Return of the Honda Insight

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    Honda Insight Concept Previews Global Small Hybrid Honda has released the first details and images for a hybrid concept vehicle that the carmaker is planning to showcase at next month’s Paris Motor Show. The concept is the new Honda Insight hybrid, which previews a small hybrid vehicle that...
  7. The Return of the Insight

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    Honda Hybrid may be Called Insight; Set to out Prius the Prius June 16, 2008 By Peter Nunn TOKYO - Surging gas prices, global warming and the need to go green make this absolutely the most perfect time for Honda to roll out an all-new, cutting edge gas-electric hybrid. Honda's eagerly awaited...