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  1. SO CAL Suspension Shop Help

    2nd Gen - Suspension, ...
    hey everyone, Just ordered the k sport kontrol pro coilover set up for my 2012 tsx se. Does anyone have any recommendations of a good place to go get my coilovers dialed in? Looking for a place preferably Santa Clarita Valley or San Fernando Valley if possible. Thanks
  2. Miami: In Need Of Springs and Installation

    South East
    I own a 2010 tsx. I need help finding springs and installation for not a rape price. I live in Palmetto Bay but i can meet in the Pinecrest/Kendall/Hialeah/Gables area. I would appreciate the help
  3. Clutch from Teknotik

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    Hey, I'm getting a clutch kit from Teknotik for my 2004 Acura TSX. I know they are a good company, I actually got my Tanabe Medalion Touring full catback exhaust from them. But now I need something installed, my clutch, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they are good when it...
  4. 2005 TSX audio upgrade / dvd player?

    Canada East
    I live in Toronto. 1) I'm looking to add an amp and sub into my TSX. From Best/buy future shop, it's gonna cost around $1000-$1200 (depending on which subs and amp I choose), using either a stinger SVEN2 or something similar tapped into one of the 6x9s (monoblock amp). Does anyone know...