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  1. Honda's CEO, Takanobu Ito, Interview on the Future of Honda

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    Honda Stresses Prodcut Tech Blitz to Get Back on Track Honda Motor Co. survived the global financial crisis better than most, avoiding the full-year losses seen on many balance sheets. But Honda's rebound has not been as sharp as most of the rest of the industry. American Honda's sales rose...
  2. What's Wrong @ Honda

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    What's Wrong @ Honda? Maybe Everything It's unusual for Honda Motor Co. Ltd. to deviate from its rigid model-replacement schedule, 2010 Honda Civic Si Coupe - front on shot - 270.JPGparticularly for its bread-and-butter volume models such as the Civic. But that's just what the company is doing...
  3. Honda Boss: We've Been Complacent

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    Honda Boss: We've Been Complacent BEIJING -- Honda Motor Co., which has not capitalized on Toyota's recall woes and lost U.S. market share, has grown "complacent" and needs to refocus on better products and stronger marketing, President Takanobu Ito said last week. "I'm not satisfied," Ito...
  4. Honda CEO Challenges for Better Hybrid

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    Honda CEO Challenges R&D Team to Build a Better Hybrid than Prius Honda Motor Co’s CEO Takanobu Ito has challenged his R&D team to produce a hybrid that exceeds the fuel-economy of the Toyota Prius. Ito said that the new hybrid won’t necessarily be a next-generation version of the Honda...
  5. Acura: Smart Luxury, Not Tier 1

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    Rumor @ Acura: Tier 1 Out, Smart Luxury In Date: December 07, 2009 15:05 Submitted by: Jeff Source: Anonymous Credibility Rating: 6 According to sources, Acura dealers are being told that going forward, Acura will be abandoning the "Tier 1" initiative. The new focus is said to be "Smart...
  6. Honda: Next Generations will be Smaller/Lighter

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    Honda Reviewing Entire Next Generation Lineup: Civic to be Smaller & Lighter Honda’s new CEO Takanobu Ito said that the Japanese automaker is reviewing its entire lineup and is looking to build less costly and more fuel-efficient vehicles. That will mean making some major changes to some...
  7. Acura NSX Designer Becomes Honda's CEO

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    Former Acura NSX Body Designer Becomes New Honda CEO TOKYO — Honda marked a changing of the guard here on Tuesday with an official gathering to mark the coming of Takanobu Ito, Honda's new president and CEO. Ito, who officially became Honda chief on June 25, takes over a Honda Motor that has...
  8. Takanobu Ito is Honda's New President

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    Honda Motor Co. Senior Managing Director Takanobu Ito, left, and President and Chief Executive Officer … Honda Names New President Amid SlowDown TOKYO – Honda Motor Co. named Takanobu Ito, head of core automaking operations, as its new chief executive Monday, in an effort to provide fresh...