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  1. Honda Vehicle Supply News

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    Honda Says US Vehicle Supply to Improve by July DETROIT (Reuters) - Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co has "adequate inventory" of most models for the U.S. market but is running short of its high-volume compact Civic just as the summer sales season begins, the company told Honda and Acura...
  2. Honda to Stop Selling Legend in Japan

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    Does this mean the end of the RL or perhaps it will become an Acura exclusive instead of a rebadge? Honda to Scrap 2 Models Globally & Gas Run Civic in Japan July 16 - Honda Motor Co <7267.T> would stop selling two of its longstanding brands and phase out the gas-powered Civic in its...
  3. Mazda Recalls 90,000

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    Mazda Recalls 90,000 Vehicles Mazda recalled nearly 90,000 vehicles in Japan and China because of a problem with the transmission, a company spokesman said Thursday. The recall was for about 35,000 of a passenger car called the Axela in Japan, the spokesman said. The company also recalled...
  4. Acura will not be the Only 1 w/out a True FlagShip

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    New Infiniti FlagShip in Doubt Infiniti dealers across the country have been desperately waiting for a new Q flagship sedan to take on the likes of the Lexus LS and BMW 7-Series to be announced, however, it appears their wish may never come true. The last Q model ended production back in 2006...