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lowering springs

  1. Best way to lower?

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Hello there everyone, on my CL9 I am looking to lower the car about an inch from stock. I want to give it a lower look but not break my budget. I have heard that Coil overs are the best way to go, but they can also run a good deal of money. Also, another option are lowering spring which seem to...
  2. FS: USED Eibach Sportlines $100 pretty firm

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    SOLD Sup my TSX homies, I have these Eibach's just sitting in my garage... I have no need for them. So I'm putting them up for sale.:toocool: I got them when I bought a combo deal (springs & struts) with my Koni's. I never installed them but the dude (not a member here, [First thing I asked...
  3. Tein H-Tech Springs

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    SOLD Time to clean my garage and sell some parts. These springs were the first mode i did to my TSX. I have coil overs now. These are genuine Tein H-Tech Lowering Springs! Drop 1.1 front and 0.7 rear I believe. Had them on for about 8 month, around 10,000 miles. It was a comfortable...
  4. Questions on drop and rim size. 04 tsx

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
    Im debating about lowering my car soon, I have a stock 04 TSX. I don't want a huge drop but noticeable so I've been looking at H&R OE sport springs: H&R OE Sport Springs Acura TSX 4cyl 04-08 If i do drop it would the stock 17 inch rims fit or would i need to get new rims?
  5. Tein S.Tech Lowering Springs 04-08 TSX

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    I have a set of used Tein S.Tech Lowering springs. Ive had them for about a year now but switched to coilovers. They have about 10k miles on them and are in great condition still. SOLD Please no low ballers or ridiculous offers lol.
  6. Tanabe lowering springs

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  7. Stock shocks/ S.Tech combo

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
    Hey, [I know there are several posts regarding this question, but I wanted to be as specific as possible so I personalized this Q.] So I am a few clicks away from buying some Tein S. Techs for my 06 TSX, but am a little hesitant based on several posts I've read. I currently have 29K miles on...
  8. Eibach Pro-Kit Model 4045.140, '04-08 TSX

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    Hi TSX Club Members, Interested in, and looking to purchase, Eibach Pro-Kit Model 4045.140, used (hopefully in good condition :D) for an '03-07 Accord I4 (4cyl) / '04-08 TSX. If you would, please PM with condition, price and other inquiries as noted below: * First off, I live in Hawaii. Please...
  9. H&R "Race" Lowering Springs

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    Springs have been sold. Thank you!
  10. H & R Sport Springs

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    I just picked up some H & R Sport Springs but it is looking I am going to be spending my money on Ground Control instead. Not looking to get all my money back but most; picked them up for $300, but asking for $250 OBO. They're are brand new and have a 1.3'' Front drop and 1.2'' Rear Drop and are...
  11. skunk2 lowering springs

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    i have skunk2 lowering springs for 1st gen tsx's. its a 2inch drop in the front and a 1.8 in the back. the springs are for an 03 accord and up but the tsx has the same suspenssion set up give me an offer the springs only had 2000 miles on them and are already broken in, comes with og box too
  12. Lowering springs

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
    I'm looking to slap some new springs on my '04 TSX. I don't want to kill all of the softness in the ride but I want improved handling. I'm not racing- I'm just a very aggressive daily driver. I will be putting in a Progress rear sway bar as well. What brands are better and what height is most...