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  1. TSX Classifieds
    I have a set of 949 wheels that have been sitting in storage for quite a few years. They are in pretty good shape, low miles…. Purchased for my 2004 TSX. I attempted to sell these 5 years ago, but never got the chance to unload them. Below are the details. I'm located in Richmond Virginia...
  2. TSX Classifieds Archives
    Sold to 04_K24TSX. THX
  3. 1st Gen - Wheels, ...
    So I just noticed after washing my 2004 TSX that the lug nuts (I think that's what they are called) is rusting around the edges. Is this normal or should I be alarmed or do something about this? Thanks
  4. TSX Classifieds Archives
    This thread is to get the hell out of DJ2000's thread. Sorry again for the unintentional hijack. Any who, I have 2 sets of lugs for sale, they're both Rays, used and both extended. Set 1: Faded Blue (I bought these from another member like yesterday) Set 2: Black I've only got 1 box so...
1-4 of 4 Results