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  1. TSX Classifieds Archives
    Hey, Just throwing it out there to see if someone had a nose mask (bra) that they would want to sell for a 2004-2005. Suggestions on where to buy them would be appreciated too. Wish I could find a cheap one from China lol Thanks in advance! -John
  2. TSX Classifieds Archives
    I have a used nose mask from my 2007 TSX... Its in good shape no holes or rips. It has been used for 3 winters and is alittle stained around the edges from the wheel grime/winter slop. But other then that its good shape with all the parts but not the 2 wheel snaps. I will ship anywhere in...
  3. TSX Classifieds Archives
    Selling an 06-08 Nose Mask. I bought it last summer for a trip from FL to Cali. I bought it for that trip only. They are discontinued and cannot be bought new anywhere. I had to get mine from a PA dealer for almost $200. Selling for $140 OBO plus shipping. I'm moving so I'm trying to sell...
1-3 of 3 Results