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  1. South West
    Hi, I'm new to the TSX club but I have owned my 04' TSX for about 6 months now. Anyone know about any meets coming soon? I'm from San Francisco and honestly I'm down to see other cars and meet other TSX owners too
  2. Canada East
    As all of you had awaited patiently for another meet to happen, I apologize as I hadnt had any time this year for much, as most of the members as well had a very busy schedule, making it harder for us to all meet. Now as we are not doing the Annual Speedstar meet this year, I will try my best to...
  3. North West
    Is anyone from Portland OR or Vancouver? If yes come down to Red Door Meet every Sunday. Only TSX there.
  4. South West
    Hi guys, wanted to create a thread that we could use to set up meets for the peeps in the valley and in the bay. let me know if you have any thoughts and if you want to start a meet, or if someone wants to have like a small 4-5 people meet every once in a while and grab some beers!:cheers: let...
  5. 2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    Hello everyone, Just wondering who from the Greater Toronto Area is interested in having a small meet. Right now targeting March 23rd @ 8PM at Hwy 400 & Hwy 7 (Dave & Busters Parking Lot) This will be a small meet, just for everyone to meet eachother. Will reorganize in June when everyone...
  6. South West
    Skunk2 presents another unmeet, the opposite of what the modern-day car meet has become. Following our inaugural unmeet last September, Skunk2 is back with unmeet 2.0. There are enough serious meets, shows, and events to go around all year. Relax, leave the quick detailer at home, meet us at the...
  7. Canada West & North
    It's been 2 yrs since you were last called to service! Let's hear from you all again! Hopefully more this time! And maybe a meet? Myself: 2006 CGP TSX MT Premium - since Aug '09.
  8. Canada East
    On behalf of Toronto Accords, I'd like to extend an invite to TSX Club to our weekly west end meets held at Square One shopping plaza in Mississauga. It happens every Thusday @ 9pm and we are there as late as 11-11:30pm. Approx 10-15 cars come out reguarly, but lately with the nice weather and...
  9. South East
    Hey guys, as some of you know I am new down here and I do see a hoot of TSXs. Anyway I was wondering you guys wanna perhaps do a meet? I'm down here in WPB, but I'm sure if you guys want we can do a more central meet for others. I'm all up for ideas. Timing wise, i don't care, sometime in...
1-9 of 9 Results