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  1. South West
    Starting this thread to set up some meets in our area. looking for some fellow enthusiasts to meet up with and show off our rides. I know a few places where we can meet for free, and get no worries of traffic or cops or any strangers messing up our rides, so lets get something started!
  2. TSX Meets Image Gallery
    3RD C.C 818 Meet When: Saturday, Dec. 1st at 8PM Address: 4799 Commons Way Ste L, Calabasas The last two meets were pretty dope, we are keeping it at one location now since a lot of people are attending. It is the last C.C meet of this year! We will all be parking by the main road of Calabasas...
  3. South East
    wassup how many tsx's we have out in miami. lets set up a meet...
1-3 of 3 Results