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    What's going on people. Been on the forum over year but have been pretty quiet and wanted to introduce myself. Kris from Atlanta, owned my 2011 Wagon for two years this past October. Current mods are Takeda Short ram intake and 18" TSW Bathurst wheels on Michelin's finest. 25mm progress...
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    Hello, new to this just wanted to introduce myself and start networking. This is my first Acura and I love it. (2010) base Stx w technology package. Looking to make a few modifications on the audio, would like to replace the subwoofer and add a body kit any suggestions where to look. Thanks!
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    Hey everyone, Just wanted to say that this forum has helped me get a few things done already with my Acura. The first thing I did was change the actuator on the driver door because my keyless entry was not working. In any case, I've never really had a thing for cars until this one came into...
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    What's up 17 yr old owner of a 07 cl9.
1-4 of 6 Results