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  1. Door Chime, Intermittant Odometer

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    Got a bit of an odd one. For the past few months my door chime seems to be inconsistent when cool/cold, but when it's warm the door chime is normal (4 short beeps followed by a pause). Now the past week, my odometer / trip gauge seems to be intermittent when cool/cold, but normal when...
  2. Where To Report Odometer Tampering?!

    Topics of Sorts
    Hi everyone, So I'm currently searching for a TSX of my own and in the process came across a guy selling a nice pearl white '09 TSX with tech pack. I almost purchased the vehicle until I realized the Carfax mileage reports 191,893 miles, while he claims his car only has 65,000 miles (and is...