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  1. gas milage://

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    Hey guys I have been using recomended gas and everything. But my mpg just seems to drop everyday 2 days ago i had 17 mpg which is bad and yestrrday i has 15 now its constant on 14.. Whyy you guys know any fix... Also when i am driving car and i press on gas pedal i can feel air noise going out...
  2. Does the Near Luxury Buyer Exist

    Automotive Discussion
    Is the "Near Luxury" Car Buyer Myth or Reality? Honda Motor Co.'s newest sedan has an efficient 4-cylinder engine and its marketing plays up features like Internet radio, not power or speed. This isn't the new Honda Civic. It's the Acura ILX, a car built on a similar foundation as its parent...
  3. Diesels PayBack Faster than Hybrids

    Automotive Discussion
    Diesels Paying Back Quicker than Hybrids July 29, 2009 With gasoline and diesel fuel prices staying low -- and uncharacteristically consistent -- as the summer progresses, data analysts at, parent of AutoObserver, did a recent crunch of the often-discussed payback times for the...