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  1. new! bay area, CA

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    Hey all! planning on getting my car tomorrow!! Got a price from the fleet manager online and set an appointment for Tomorrow. As long as they hold to the quote I'll be rolling out with a 2014 Tsx 4 cyl Tech tomorrow.
  2. ePrice? usually remain true?

    Dealership Experience
    Does anyone have experience with obtaining an ePrice from the fleet manager? I got a great price breakdown yesterday including tax OTD. I'm worried I'll show up tomorrow and they wont honor it. My email says the price is good for 3 days. My general impression of this Acura dealership is...
  3. center console fix

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    Does anyone have a center console that is broken and/or has had it fixed? Mine is broke and I need to see what you alls experience has been with getting it fixed: price wise and time wise.
  4. 08 Test drive tomorrow

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    I'm going to test drive a Silver 08 TSX 5AT with Navi tomorrow morning at a local dealership. The list price is 21,500 (they say non-negotiable) with about 35k miles. Seems like a pretty fair price, about 1k above the KBB trade-in value, though I'll see if I can talk them down as I'm not in...
  5. Manheim Auction Value Request - 2008 TSX

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Does anyone have access to Manheim auction values? I'm looking for the value of my 2008 TSX, 32,000-33,000 miles, silver ext, black int, automatic trans, base model (no nav), normal wear, minor paint chips/scratches/dents on bumper, no major body work ever done, good mechanical condition. I'm...
  6. Is this a good Deal? 07 Tsx $19500 with Navi 23k miles

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Hi, I am looking out for 07 TSX and I came across this deal and after some negotiation the dealer is asking $19500 before Tax that would be about $21500 OTD 07 Tsx 23k Miles With Navi The car is very clean,no dings / dents, clean carfax. Is this a good deal? and anything else I should watch...
  7. Honda's Discount Lease Incentive

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda Counter's Toyota's Incentives w/ Discount Lease Strategy March 24 (Bloomberg) -- Honda Motor Co., Japan’s second- largest automaker, is offering discounted leases on every U.S. model of its namesake brand for the first time to counter incentives started this month by Toyota Motor Corp...
  8. 2010 Acura TSX TECH Pricing

    2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    Hello all, I'm new to the car buying experience as so this will be my first time buying a car. I'm looking at a Brand New 2010 ACURA TSX with the TECH package. It's the exact color combo I want. The MSRP on the car is about $33,800 without sales, tax, registration and all that jazz. What...
  9. Mercedes E Class Gets a Price Reduction

    Automotive Discussion
    2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class to Sticker for Thousands Less than Current Car By Drew Johnson Mercedes-Benz’ all-new 2010 E-Class may represent a significant step up from the current car, but it will not be priced as such when it rolls into dealers next month. Despite offering a number of new...