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  1. Best Go Kart Track

    Automotive Discussion
    First Post! :tu2: Anyway, I've been to a few tracks across the country, and I'm convinced this might be the best track, so I even made a cool GoPro style edited video to show it off: The track is called Pacific Grand Prix, and it's located in Kent...
  2. Racial Profiling & Muted Racism - Florida (Martin) vs Zimmerman Case

    Politics and Religion
    Experience: My academic research is focused on racial disparities and program evaluation in health, mental health, child welfare, and largely juvenile justice. I just finished a thesis "Cultural and linguistic appropriateness in juvenile justice". Just ran into this incredible news story about...
  3. Affordable B-Spec Race Series

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda & Mazda Join Forces for Affordable B-Spec Race Series The classic statement of the price of road racing: "How do you make a small fortune in racing? Start with a large 1." The truth of that statement is what has given it such legs, but Mazda and Honda hope to overcome the high hurdle to...