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  1. TSX Problems and Fixes
    Following up on the post I started two years ago , I've made progress but not totally stopped the leaking yet. A few days ago I reported finding small cracks in the "bondo" that seals the roof seam just forward of the front roof rack mounts. I sealed these with silicone caulking and tested...
  2. 1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    I am at the end of my rope with this car... please help before I do something crazy like trade it in on an IS250. Since December, car has been draining the battery at a pretty quick rate. We only drive the car about 10 miles a day, so I think this might not be quite enough to keep the battery...
  3. 1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    It rained recently. My car smells terrible inside even though it's totally clean. I've checked other posts and forums.. most people find standing water in their car due to a leak. I have yet to find standing water anywhere. Under the tire, in the carpet, etc. I have found a couple of...
1-3 of 3 Results