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    Hello, If any of you know anyone or has seen a post for VOLK LE37 in Gunmetal with Polished/Anodized Lip, preferably 18x7.5, 18x8, or 18x8.5... PLEASE let me know. :) Thanks so much!
  2. TSX Classifieds Archives
    Alright lets start this off as i live in So Cal and dont want to ship anything as of now so i prefer local.I have a set of bnib rays red lug nuts,the short ones, that i received and dont need.asking for $140.Also have a bnib HKS grounding kit which i was going to install but never got around...
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  4. TSX Classifieds Archives
    As the title says.. 1 set of used Rays Lugs. Extended version. 7 Sided lug and key included. Still have original box. Marked up by a dirty torque wrench, but still in good condition. Used for 1/2 of last summer. maybe 500km of use PM me with offers! EDITED : Also open to trade for a...
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    All of these lugnuts are BRAND NEW in packaging and are ready to be shipped out ASAP. Payment is due either by Paypal or Money Order. Shipping will be done on the day of payment (or day after, depending on time) via USPS. Please also note that shipping$ is not included. Also, if you are in...
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    For sale is a set of Super Rare, extremely hard to find, very difficult to get "Rays wheels CE28N Time Attack Honda edition." Championship White with red lip. Designed FOR the 2008 Honda Civic Type R Specs: 18x8.5 52+ 5x114.3 Lug pattern These will clear the Civic Type R Brembo Brake System...
  7. TSX Classifieds Archives
    This thread is to get the hell out of DJ2000's thread. Sorry again for the unintentional hijack. Any who, I have 2 sets of lugs for sale, they're both Rays, used and both extended. Set 1: Faded Blue (I bought these from another member like yesterday) Set 2: Black I've only got 1 box so...
1-8 of 9 Results