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  1. WTB - Progress Rear Sway

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    Is anyone looking to seek their progress rear sway? If you have the original receipt of purchase is preferred. Thank you.
  2. 08 TSX OEM Rear Sway Bar RSB & Brake Lines / Hoses - in like-new cond.

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    Hi guys, I'm selling my: (1) OEM Rear Sway Bar (RSB) - $75 (4) OEM Brake Lines/Hoses - $50 for all ALL items are in great/like-new condition/NO leaks/NO dents. From my well taken care of 2008 TSX with 45,000 miles. I prefer local buyers (Los Angeles area), but if you want to pay shipping and...
  3. I think I massacred the RSB end-links on my car

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
    I was installing the A-spec suspension on my car on Sunday - and as expected had trouble with the RSB end link bolt.... after 30-40 mins of wire-brushing and WD40.... frustration took over and we decided to use a propane torch to heat the end link nut, in order to remove it - worked like a charm...
  4. WANTED: 2009 TSX Rear Sway Bar and Bushings - GTA

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    Hey guys, first post. I was curious if anyone here has upgrade their RSB on a 2009 TSX to the 22mm Progress Sway Bar, and has their stock 17mm and bushings to sell in the Greater Toronto Area. Let me know if you do, thanks!
  5. Tl-s rsb..

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
    I did some searching and couldn't find any posts about people using the Stock TL-S RSB on our cars so i figured i'd share my find. The other day while working on my exhaust my buddy commented on how skinny our stock RSB is and mentioned he had his stock one laying around and wanted to see if...