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  1. Rumored: Mini NSX

    Automotive Discussion
    Mini Acura NSX Back on the Table While the stillborn, V-10-powered NSX was being developed, Honda was also working on a related and obscure project referred to internally as the Small NSX. At the time it was just 1 of several advanced R&D ideas sitting in the design room. Then the financial...
  2. Acura AX2

    Automotive Discussion
    AboutAcura: Acura AX2 I got an Anonymous tip that the spied sub-TSX sedan will be the Acura AX2. ACURA AX2 By: Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Automobiles and structural parts therefor Perfect for these industries Words that describe this logo Vehicles and Products for locomotion by land...
  3. Latest NSX Rumor

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda NSX Gets New Lease on Life Flagship Coupe Reportedly Back On, But in a Different Form November 22, 2010 / By Peter Lyon The NSX lives, at least in a different form. According to one source, Honda never gave up its plans for an NSX successor. Even though the V-10-powered post-NSX concept...
  4. Acura 4 Door Coupe Rumor

    Automotive Discussion
    Holiday Auto has Some of their Own 4 Door Coupe Theories (click for illustrations) Date: May 19, 2009 12:45 Submitted by: Jeff Source: Holiday Auto via danielgr Credibility Rating: 5 Within the last week or so, there have been rumors concerning a new "4-door coupe" that Honda is said...
  5. The Future of the TSX

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Rumors are swirling about the cost cutting measures of Honda/Acura & 1 of them is that the next generation Accord will be universal instead of 2 different models. If this happens, what will happen to the TSX? Will they kill it off? Will they build a brand new model? Will they base it off the...