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  1. Salvaged TSX recommendations

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    So Im in the market to get my first TSX and Im trying not to break the bank. I found a few used TSXs usually around 06-08 that are salvaged titles. They usually are going for like $13500-$15000 with <40k miles. They say they restored the car to working condition and everything works and no...
  2. Honda Warns About AfterMarket Salvaged Crash Parts

    Automotive Discussion
    Honda Warns About AfterMarket Salvaged Crash Parts TORRANCE, CA - American Honda Motor Co. on March 22 issued a position statement expressing the automaker's lack of support for the use of non-OEM equipment parts for the collision repair of any Honda or Acura vehicle. "Further, American Honda...
  3. WTB: 04' tsx 6spd ca

    TSX for Sale
    Looking for a 2004-2006 TSX 6SPD in california. 15k and down under 100k miles salvage or clean dont matter. thanks.